Container Freight Station

container freight station services are crucial for international trade, especially when dealing with LCL shipments. 
Container Freight Station (CFS) services refer to activities related to handling and processing goods within a specific area of a port or logistics hub where cargo is loaded (“stuffed”) into or unloaded (“stripped”) from containers.

CFS Services Include:

Check Availability

Retrieve shipment availability by entering detailed reference information:

Consolidation of Cargo

Multiple smaller shipments (LCL) are consolidated into one container for shipment. This is cost-effective for shippers with goods that do not fill an entire container.

Cargo Deconsolidation

The process of breaking down a container with consolidated cargo into its original separate consignments upon arrival at the destination. This allows for the distribution of parts of the shipment to different recipients.


Providing temporary storage for cargo before it is loaded onto a container for export or delivered after import.


Transferring cargo from one mode of transportation to another, e.g., from a container to a truck or railcar, to continue its journey to the final destination.

Documentation & Customs Clearance

Assisting with the paperwork required for international shipping, including customs declarations and cargo manifests.


Facilities for authorities to inspect cargo for compliance with import/export regulations.

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