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Trucking and logistics are vital in the warehouse industry, efficiently moving goods from manufacturers to warehouses and customers.
Trucks play a key role, optimizing delivery schedules and enabling precise inventory management. Innovative technologies enhance efficiency by allowing real-time monitoring of shipments, streamlining warehouse operations to meet consumer demands effectively.
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For over 70 years, Mecca & Son Trucking has been one of the most trusted names in the trucking industry for logistics solutions. A third generation family business that provides a tailored and personal service, where someone is always available to assist!
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24/7 Customer Support

Round-the-clock, our dedicated customer support team remains at your service, ready to provide swift assistance and logistics solutions whenever you reach out, ensuring your needs are met promptly at any hour.

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Online Tracking

Accem offers the ability for customers to track their freight from the time a container lands at the port to when it ships out from the warehouse and anywhere in between, anytime.

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Custom Reporting & Account Management

Our tailored reporting and account management services cater to your unique needs, offering comprehensive insights and customizable reports that empower you to make informed decisions and streamline your logistics solutions, ensuring efficiency and optimization every step of the way.

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Inventory Tracking

Our advanced inventory tracking system employs cutting-edge technology, allowing you to effortlessly monitor, manage, and optimize your inventory in real-time, ensuring logistic solutions of precision and efficiency.

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We strive to bring excellent customer service and logistics solutions to companies in new jersey, new york, and beyond. As a family owned logistics provider, we understand that quality equipment is only half of what makes great logistics solutions and trucking company: It takes being a fully licensed industry leader in both warehouse space and east coast transportation needs. Our track record of full service transportation services assures we can handle all your shipping needs.
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About Accem Trucking & Logistics

Accem and its sister companies proudly offer a wide array of logistics and specialized services that include over 1 Million square feet of space, and an experienced staff. Accem Warehouse is built on the foundation of providing competitive and professional warehousing and trucking services in the Ports of New York and New Jersey regions. Our warehouses are conveniently located near Port Liberte Bayonne, Port Newark, Maher, APM, Red Hook Terminals, and all major highways.
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Accem Warehousing and logistics solutions is the missing link in your supply chain and the dedicated extension that your growing business needs. Our industrial equipment, competitive warehousing costs, and inventory control on consumer goods will help you master order processing and ensure special handling of all your shipping, storing, and distribution needs.

Contact us today and we’ll discuss how to make Accem Warehouse and its affiliates work for you!