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Our multitude of warehouse space and warehousing services are the silent backbone of seamless logistics, offering a secure haven for your inventory
Whether bonded, short-term storage or long-term solutions, these spaces become the trusted guardians of your products, providing a bridge between production and consumption.
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The search for spaces available in warehouses in New York, New Jersey, or Los Angeles is over! Accem works offers decades of the required knowledge to help your success. Year over year, we strive to find the right partners, built through experience for your needs and supported by real people.


Our warehouse space uses a multi point inspection process to ensure orders are picked properly, staged accordingly and accurately shipped.


The warehouse uses a multi point inspection process to ensure received deliveries are thoroughly inspected and counted before being placed into stock inventory.


For over 30 years, we have partnered with Camelot 3PL Software, a Microsoft Navision based system, which has evolved into becoming one of the most technically advanced Warehouse Manager Systems in the industry.  Our WMS offers immense flexibility required to fulfill our customers’ needs, with advanced tracking, EDI capabilities and customized reporting.

Warehouse Operational Efficiency

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With over 40 years of warehousing experience, our highly trained team is equipped with specific techniques from ownership to maximize various products in our facilities to provide the most efficient warehouse utilization.

On-time Shipments

Advanced coordination between our scheduling system and partnered carriers to ensure shipments are outbound from the warehouse space in time to meet our customer’s sensitive delivery timelines.

Inventory Turnover Rates

Our dedicated team strives to ensure time sensitive shipments can be processed through the warehouse within a 24 hour period from receiving.

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Our bonded warehousing and public warehousing might be the perfect warehouse solution for your business!

Warehouse Capabilities

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Green/Environmentally Sustainable Warehouses

Accem is making strides towards a more sustainable future by employing several actions along our east coast warehouse spaces to ensure we protect our natural resources. From Newark to New York and from port to its secure warehouse, we employ the following methods of success:

Energy-efficient Lighting

Our warehouses are equipped with high efficient and low energy LED lighting with motion sensing technology, so we only use the energy we need.

Water Recycling

Accem uses filtered water stations across the warehouses to encourage green initiatives by eliminating the use of plastic bottles.

Waste Reduction Initiatives

We institute a plastic and cardboard recycling program for office materials and warehouse waste.

Biodegradable Packaging

We replaced majority of plastic products with paper and bamboo materials.
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Specialized Warehouse Equipment

Specialized Forklift Attachments (Carton Clamps & Slip Sheets)

We offer a variety of unique forklift add-ons to handle a variety of commodities such as drum clamp attachment, slip sheet attachment, forklift booms and more!

Semi Asrs

Brand new racking with semi automated storage and retrieval system.

Heavy Capacity Forklift

We have the ability to handle overweight / over dimensional  commodities up to 18,000lbs.

Refrigerated Trailers

Multiple refrigerated trailers to transport temperature sensitive commodities

Additional Services

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Repackaging involves the process of altering, adjusting, or consolidating the packaging of goods or products. This can include dividing bulk shipments into smaller units, consolidating several items into one package, changing packaging materials for better protection, or customizing packaging for specific customer requirements. The goal is to optimize storage space, enhance product protection, improve shipping efficiency, or tailor products to meet market demands while ensuring accuracy and quality control throughout the repackaging process.


Sorting and relabeling involves organizing, categorizing, and updating product labels to streamline inventory management and meet specific distribution needs. This process typically includes arranging items based on predetermined criteria such as SKU, destination, or customer requirements. Additionally, relabeling may involve updating barcodes, adding new information, or adjusting packaging to ensure accurate tracking and efficient order fulfillment.


Case picking, similar to order picking, encompasses selecting products in complete case or carton quantities from various storage mediums. When engaged in case picking, workers typically retrieve cartons by item or SKU and can use conveyors or scanning devices to gather the items from the racking system.


When looking to ship single case samples and/or online orders, we can process daily parcel shipments through our partnership with UPS through their Worldship program.


Kitting refers to the process of assembling and packaging together individual items or components required to fulfill a specific order or task. It involves gathering various products or parts into a single kit or package, streamlining the retrieval process and ensuring all necessary items are readily available for efficient distribution or use.

Quality Inspection

The warehouse uses a multi-point inspection process to ensure received deliveries are thoroughly inspected, counted and photographed before being placed into inventory.
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About Accem Warehouse

Accem and its sister companies proudly offer a wide array of logistics and specialized services that include over 1 Million square feet of space, and an experienced staff. Accem Warehouse is built on the foundation of providing competitive and professional warehousing and trucking services in the Ports of New York and New Jersey regions. Our warehouses are conveniently located near Port Liberte Bayonne, Port Newark, Maher, APM, Red Hook Terminals, and all major highways.